Distributed Asset Technology (DAT)

Change is inevitable, even up against the glacial
pace of the evolution of finance.

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)


Recognizing a shifting landscape in Financial Technology (FINTech) Solutions,
Costas Inc., has been positioned to take advantages of a blossoming market in its infancy.

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

Investment Thesis

Costas Inc., will seek out formidable players in the Digital Currency space who have exhibited innovation and development that sustain Distributed Asset Technologies.

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

Costas Inc.

We believe the foundations of finance are about to be altered forever.

Costas Inc. has developed a laser focus on FinTech enterprises that can benefit from our management expertise, additional capitalization, and the synergy from being part of the Costas ecosystem.

Costas invests in cryptocurrency projects and enterprises that believe that alternative payment and money transfer options will increase their client base and heighten their client’s experience with the company. We believe strongly in the growth of cryptocurrency and its integration into Financial Technologies (FINTech).

Distributed Networks are the next massive Internet investment market, not unlike social media 10 years ago. Costas Inc. believes, and the market’s enthusiasm affirms, that a Distributed Asset Technology such as the Blockchain that supports cryptocurrenicies, will change the way in which we transact a store of value moving forward.

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