Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

Board of Directors

Clifford Redekop- CEO & President

Clifford Redekop was managing partner of real estate investments in Nevada and Utah valued at over five hundred million dollars. He oversaw a development team whose duties spanned land entitlement processing, general construction contracting, property management and leasing. Since 2012, Mr. Redekop has specialized in assisting companies launch major expansions and new enterprises by matching Venture Capital with innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Clifford Redekop has an honors degree from Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario. He served 12 years as a naval destroyer weapons officer and a public affairs officer.

Dr Stephen L Gomes PH.D.

Dr. Gomes' professional career has been focused primarily on the formation, leadership and management of international business strategic alliances and cross cultural business strategies. This assumes a deep understanding of what counts as strategic in an enterprise versus what is only short term tactical in nature.

Dr. Gomes earned a Ph.D. in Public Management and International Relations from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs funded on a NASA Ph.D. fellowship. His early career was in executive management positions with large international companies with senior responsibility for contracts with government leaders, royal family members and large corporations such as ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia and Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan. His executive duties have included extended assignments in France, Greece, China, Malaysia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Brazil and Holland.

Included in his work history of more than 30 strategic alliance and joint venture agreements are the following:

  1. More than 15 master public/private sector strategic alliance R&D co-development agreements between major U.S. technology companies and the Federal Research Labs with a total value of $160 million;
  2. Five major supplier alliance agreements with values up to $15,000,000 for two major U.S. Oil Companies;
  3. Long term real estate asset management outsourcing alliance agreement with values up to $1 billion in real estate asset value;
  4. Set up multi-party manufacturing alliance with major big three air bag manufacturing firm;
  5. Assisted IBM to develop five outsourcing alliances with technology providers for the master Information Technology health care system contract for the Province of Alberta;
  6. Supported negotiations and alliance discussions on behalf of 15 U.S. corporations and multinational companies with combined assets up to $15 million for each agreement.

Currently, Dr. Gomes manages Gomes & Company, which is a boutique executive consulting firm engaged in a broad range of domestic and international multi-party consulting assignments mostly focused on high tech and finance start-ups, joint ventures planning, action planning workshops, organization problem solving and specialized business plan strategy and development. For several years, his firm’s main clients were Fortune 500 companies working with the Warren Company based in Providence, Rhode Island. While in San Francisco, Dr. Gomes managed the West Coast operation where he was responsible for assisting large corporate clients in the creation and implementation of strategic business alliances, facilitated technology transfer, the formation of technology co-development alliances, R&D consortia and joint ventures. He was instrumental in helping to bring in one of the firm’s largest clients, Andersen Consulting which became Accenture Corporation. Before being retained by the Warren Company, he was CEO of American Technology Initiative (Am Tech), a non-profit corporation, co-founded by NASA and the private sector, based in Silicon Valley dedicated to the implementation of public-private technology development alliances and partnerships between universities, federal research labs and the private sector. Clients included NASA, Los Alamos, Cal-Tech, Boeing, and Sandia labs.

Dr. Gomes has also taught MBA Master’s degree courses in Start up Management, Technology Commercialization and Strategic Alliance and Joint Venture Practices (Oregon Graduate Institute - now OHSU, State University of New York (SUNY-Stony Brook – Korea Campus) and Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht, Netherlands).

Dr. Gomes is active in a number of non-profit activities and boards. He has served in the past as a director on the National Board of Advisers for the Peace Corps and the Virginia Satir Foundation. He currently is also a fellow of the Innovation Creativity and Capital Institute ( IC2) of the University of Texas at Austin, which met April 2017 in Austin. This is a group of international business thought leaders and professors who participate in the University of Texas Business School annual leadership strategy conference sessions by invitation only. Finally Dr. Gomes is an aviation enthusiast and has been flying airplanes since he was 12 years old. At one time he was the youngest pilot in the United States. Howard Hughes hired him for his aviation expertise and knowledge of local Las Vegas flying conditions and politics. At the age of 25, Gomes was put in charge of planning a new $650 million airport for Las Vegas to replace McCarran Field which was to be built at Howard Hughes expense and turned over to Las Vegas at his cost. Later in his career Dr. Gomes used that experience with two other companies to participate in the planning of 12 major new international airports around the globe over a 20-year period.