Digital Currency transactions continue to rise
daily across the globe and Costas is at the forefront
of capitalizing on this growth.

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

"More than a mere store of value or medium of exchange,
digital money has the potential to be more transformative
than anything we've seen before." ~Greg Satell, Forbes

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

Bitcoin is much more than a currency…. It is, quite simply,
one of the most powerful innovations in finance in 500 years.
~Michael Casey & Paul Vigna, The Wall Street Journal

Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI)

Costas acquires and invests in companies involved in the trading and technology behind Digital Currencies rather than the Digital Currencies themselves.

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The future of currencies is here and it is digital

Costas Inc., is poised to generate outstanding returns for its investors. Our commitment to investing in financial technology companies such as AuthentaTrade puts us at the forefront of the cryptocurrency boom. Moreover, emerging markets are one of the main drivers behind this era of digital currencies and AuthentaTrade is ideally located in the geographical epicenter of that growth, allowing it better access to these rich new target markets.

Crypto Kiosks – AuthentaCash


AuthentaCash Crypto Kiosk allows a merchant or anyone, to instantly transact business over an exchange which gives more options than most merchants have with traditional banking and merchant accounts. Transact business over an exchange that is lightning fast and still permits the use of standard merchant services such as Visa.

Aready a Merchant? This is even better! Utilizing your Crypto Kiosk enables you to transact business using Crypto coins in and out of the Visa MasterCard and China Union Paynetwork. With AuthentaCash Crypto Kiosk, you will make money at each and every crypto coin and transaction.

AuthentaCash permits a customer to buy Cryptocoins with their cash and then purchase products with their cryptocoins. Customers may also sell crypto coins and receive an anonymous China Union Pay debit card, tied to their AuthentaTrade account immediately, dispensed by your AuthentaCash Crypto Kiosk, then use their AuthentaCard to purchase in your store, or anywhere China Union Pay is accepted.

Initiatives are being researched to provide innovative placements that would result in massive volumes for the new Crypto Kiosk division.

Investment Benefits
Costas intends to acquire a basket of companies in the realm of Digital Currency that profit from the space as a whole and the components that play an integral role in creating an efficient Digital Currency market ripe for participation.

Liquidity and Transparency

Costas enters the DC space at a crucial time when liquidity and transparency are in short supply but desperately needed in order to improve the security and stability of this sector. AuthentaTrade's platforms have been designed to deliver both liquidity and transparency to Digital Currency users.

Storage and Security
The tech behind Bitcoin is secure but the storage of the coins has been flawed to date. Costas offers a secure opportunity to invest in the crypto markets while gaining exposure to the potentially massive upside movement of the Digital Currency and Payment Processing space. Costas also has developed a strategic realtionship with a contractor that allows secure offline storage with Brinks, insured by Lloyds of London.

A Vast Untapped Market

Cryptocurrency transactions are on the cusp of becoming mainstream, however, new, trustworthy and transparent technology has lagged, leading to concerns over security. By investing in secure trading platforms Costas is paving the way for global acceptance of Digital Currencies.

Bitcoin and Digital Currency Benefits

Bitcoin Capital Investment in 2015 Quickly Passes 2014 Totals

“At Costas, we believe that the future of currencies globally lies in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Seeking to minimize exposure to volatility and increase potential returns, Costas acquires and invests in companies involved in the trading and technology behind the Blockchain rather than the Digital Currencies themselves.”
Cliff Redekop - President, Costas Inc.

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